When Can I Start Working on my Lawn

I know! I know! We are all itching to get outside after this winter and get working on our lawns and gardens. Well, it may be a bit too early yet but there are still things you can do get get ready for the spring yard season.


  • Start Cleaning Up Gently – According to Today’s Homeowner online, “Avoid heavy and rough raking of the yard until the soil dries out and you can be sure there will not be another hard freeze. Foot traffic and hard raking can compact and damage tender new grass shoots.”
  • Remove any debris such as broken tree limbs, leaves or other items that may have accumulated in your yard during the winter.
  • If you have piles of snow in areas close to walkways or driveways, spread that snow out so it will melt faster. Heavy piles of snow can smother new grass and leave you with dead patches.
  • Start evaluating for pests. Do you need weed control? Decide now to start the lawn season off right. Call Pro-Tech Lawn Care for an evaluation and discuss treatment options.
  • Start growing some of your garden plants indoors. According to the Farmers Almanac,  there are many plants you can start indoors even in March to get them ready to be transplanted outdoors such as: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Kale and Lettuce.
  • Get your tools ready to go. That includes a good cleaning of hand-held tools as well as a tuneup for your larger piece of equipment such as your mower or trimmers.
  • Keep an eye on the weather. Spring can be a rollercoaster so don’t get too far ahead as the temps may drop and set you back a few weeks or days.


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