The When and How of Aeration

Ask any gardener the simple question of what grass needs to grow rich and thick and, they will tell you that grass needs nutrients, sunlight and water. In a nutshell, they are right but that answer is too simplistic. A more complete answer would include planning for issues that may stop nutrients and water from getting to the roots in the first place.  One such problem is compaction. Over time, the soil in your lawn may become compressed, which will prevent any water or nutrients from reaching the roots.

So how do you solve this problem?  Any lawn expert will tell you that aeration is the answer!  Let’s look at this process and answer the most common questions when it comes to aeration.

What is Aeration?

You have probably seen lawns that have been aerated.  They look like they have small plugs of dirt pulled up from small holes all over a lawn. Aeration looks like this because it is the process of creating small holes in a lawn in order to allow essential nutrients, water, and air to circulate through your lawn. The more direct path water and nutrients have to the roots means the stronger the plant.  Aeration also helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.

Should I Aerate?

There are specific instances that would indicate that your lawn needs aeration.  For instance:

  • If your lawn sees heavy traffic with children, pets, neighbors and visitors. Children and pets running around the yard contribute to soil compaction.
  • If you notice that the lawn is having difficulty absorbing the water after a rain storm or watering, this might mean that the soil is so compact that there is no way for it to be absorbed.
  • If you have a thatch problem in your grass.
  • If you commonly park cars, bikes or other equipment on the lawn for extended periods of time.

Once you decide that your lawn needs aeration you will want to plan for it during the growing season. Pro-Tech Lawn Care offers two different options for our customers. Both options are extremely beneficial to your turf and will help to enhance your lawn.


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