Spring Tool Tune Up

Do you love gardening and puttering around in your yard? Or do you just enjoy the look of a well manicured yard? Either way, spring is the ideal time to give all your tools a once-over before you get into the hard core lawn and garden care that increases as the weather improves. What steps should you take to make sure your beloved tools and machinery such as mowers and trimmers are ready for the spring and summer seasons of lawn care? Here is a quick reference guide of tool tuneups you should consider this year.

Mower Care

  • Whether you do it all on your own or take it to a professional, the oil and air filter should be cleaned and/or replaced. This goes for the tiller, trimmer, or power washer in your shed as well.
  • Drain any leftover gas if you did not already do so last fall. Replace with new gas.
  • Change out last year’s spark plugs.
  • Make sure the blades are well cared for. Sharpen and balance all cutting blades.
  • Check to make sure all debris and grass has been washed out from under the mower and that none is caught in the blade or filters.

Garden Hoses and Hand Held Tools

  • Inspect hoses to see that there are no cracks or openings that will be sure to get you all wet when you start watering.
  • Clean all shearing or cutting tools. You may need to clean, dry and wipe with oil depending upon the type of tool. Be sure to read all instructions to keep your tools in good working order,
  • Check all sprinkler heads if you have an in ground system before starting use.

It is just plain old smart to check and tune up all the equipment you will be using regularly in your yard this spring and summer.

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