Lawn Equipment Care


The end of the mowing, trimming and planting season signals the end of weekend chores in the yard. It should also signal a time to carefully clean, organize and safely store lawn equipment for the winter. This may include mowers, trimmers, shovels, hoes, blowers, and garden tools of all types. Caring for lawn equipment now will save you time, energy and, possibly, costly repairs come the spring season. Here are our suggestions to caring for your lawn equipment.


Lawn Mowers

  • Mowers, whether they ride on or push, should be cleaned and serviced before they are stored for the season.
  • A mower used at the end of the season needs to be emptied of fuel. If you don’t know how to drain the fuel, see a technician who can help you drain and clean the mower. Allowing it to sit over the winter will cause the ethanol in the gasoline to separate and its other chemical components to degrade.
  • Spark plugs should be replaced, air filter cleaned, and mower deck cleaned.
  • While the mower is out of commission for the season, take this opportunity to sharpen the blade.
  • Store the mower in a dry, safe place such as a shed or garage.


Garden Tools

  • Use a bucket of warm water and soap to clean each of the tools and dry them thoroughly.
  • Store tools in a dry, safe place for the winter.
  • Be sure to examine the tools as you clean them to be sure that they are rust free and have no damage.



  • Edgers and trimmers should be cleaned, oiled and drained of any fluids.
  • Many trimmers have removable blades that should be replaced annually.
  • Store trimmers and other hand-held tools in a dry, safe place.


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