Lawn Disease Prevention



Not all lawns are created equal. Some are prone to pests and disease while others tend to stay disease free. While there are a multitude of reasons why this is the case, one of the easiest explanations is the general care of the lawn and yard. Clients ask us all the time what they can do to prevent pests and disease from gaining a foothold in their yard. The truth is that no one’s yard or home is immune to pests, but there are some things you can do as a homeowner to help prevent pests and disease from finding a home in your lawn.


  • Mowing – One of the easiest things you can do for your lawn to discourage pests is to mow regularly. Keep your mower blade sharp and don’t mow too short. Go with the ⅓ rule. Cut only one third of the height of the grass each time. If your blades are dull and you’re mowing your lawn too short, that will actually put stress on your lawn, which will make it more vulnerable to disease.
  • Feeding the Lawn – Keep your lawn healthy by making sure you feed it the right fertilizer at the right times. Check your lawn to make sure it is not compacted so that when you fertilize and water the nutrients will be able to get to the roots. If it is compacted consider aeration to loosen the soil and get the nutrients and oxygen down to the roots.
  • Watering Correctly – Water less often but deeply. You should be able to take a screwdriver and easily push it into the ground.  If it is hard to do so you need to water deeper.
  • Inspect for Disease – Each time you are out in your yard, inspect the area for the starting signs of disease. The sooner the disease is identified, the sooner you can work to treat it.
  • Call in the Professionals – If you don’t know when the right time is to aerate, fertilize or treat for pests, then you need help. Pro-Tech Lawn Care has been doing this for years and can help you get your lawn in tip-top shape.

Having a great lawn free of pests and disease is not magic. Try these few simple tips that will help you get the lawn you have always dreamed of!

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