Caring for Lawn Equipment this Fall


For many of us, Autumn signals the end of our weekend chores of mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges and edging the garden. While these chores are ending, there are special steps that should be taken before the winter sets in for the long haul. Closing up shop properly in the Fall means that you will have an easier time gardening and landscaping next Spring. Here are a few steps we suggest when cleaning lawn equipment this Fall.

Garden Tools:

Garden tools come in all sizes and varieties including: hoes, shovels, rakes, edgers, and lawn mowers. Regardless of the types of lawn equipment you own, each piece should be cleaned thoroughly and stored carefully.

Garden tools have been hard at work all season long and probably have debris including grass and dirt soiling each piece. To keep each in proper working order here are some ideas for Fall clean up.

  • Clean all tools with warm water and soap if possible.
  • Dry each tools completely to avoid rust.
  • For equipment with blades such as mowers and edgers, consider have them sharpened before storing for the winter.
  • Consider also lubricating hinges, moveable parts and inspecting for rust/damage.
  • Store in a dry shed or garage. Do not lean them against the wall or on the floor. ┬áMoisture is the enemy and walls and floors in garages and sheds can get very moist.


Lawn Mowers or Trimmers:

For larger pieces of equipment you may want to consider having a professional cleaning done now that the season is over. Avoid the Spring rush by getting your trimmer and mower in for a tune up now.  Then you will be ready to go in just a few months.

If you do decide to clean and tune them up on your own, be sure to empty the gas tank, change out the spark plugs, and clean out the caked on grass with a hose. Store in a dry area where the mower can be protected from the cold, wind and precipitation.


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