What is Killing My Lawn?

Do you spend every weekend caring for your lawn only to have it brown over, grow mushrooms or be devastated by insects? Discovering what is doing the damage is the first step in eradicating the pests. While there are many pests that can be blamed for killing lawns there are some common pests that are worth mentioning. Let’s look at the symptoms that you may be noticing in your yard and the potential causes of them:


  • Lawn that Pulls Back – If your lawn peels up easily and is looking dead in areas, grubs may be the cause. Grubs are a common problem in mid to late summer, and most easily identified when your sod easily pulls back from the ground like a carpet.


  • Rings of Mushrooms or Overly Green Grass – Fairy Rings are common in our area and are caused by a fungus that infiltrates the area. Professional treatment can rid your lawn of the rings.


  • Brown Spots – There are many issues that can cause brown spots including: pet urine, irrigation issues, and lawn disease such as Brown Patch, Red Thread, or Rust. Thick areas of thatch could also be a culprit and should be raked and aerated. Chinch bugs can also cause damage that looks like drought. Pro-Tech Lawn Care can evaluate your lawn and determine the cause of the browning.


  • Burned Spots – Improper irrigation, over-fertilization, or disease could be causing burned areas of your lawn. Not fertilizing at the right times or in the right amounts can cause areas of your lawn to look scorched. Too little water can also create the same appearance.


Keep your lawn looking rich, thick and healthy by contacting Pro-Tech Lawn Care at (603) 382-9644 to prevent all of these conditions that threaten your landscaping.

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