Tick Prevention

Ticks are huge party poopers when it comes to outdoor entertaining and spending the summer in our yards. This time of year is especially tricky since we tend to spend not only our daylight hours enjoying the outdoors but also our evenings entertaining by fire pits or at the kitchen patio. Add this to the fact that our homes are being built further and further into non residential areas and it is a dangerous combination. How can you keep your family safe this summer from ticks AND still enjoy your outdoor time?  Here are a few ideas to prevent ticks from ruining your fun this summer.


  • Plan your Outfits Carefully – Ticks do not jump or leap but rather crawl from grasses, wildlife or bushes to their next meal. This means you need to dress appropriately and in an informed manner. ¬†Whenever possible wear socks that can cover your ankles and pants that cover your legs. Wear light colored clothing so you can spot ticks easier than on dark clothing.
  • Wear Repellant – Apply topical insect repellent that contains less than 40 percent DEET. Children should use repellent that contains no more than 30 percent DEET.
  • Conduct Tick Checks -Tick bites are painless, so if you are in an area with ticks, perform a thorough tick check and remove ticks immediately. Tick bites many times are not felt since their saliva is loaded with antihistamines, anticoagulants and other inhibitors that prevent wound healing, and dampen pain and itch responses.
  • Create a Tick Free Zone – Call Pro-Tech to discuss treatment options for your yard. Other ways to create a tick free zone is by keeping lawns trimmed and creating barriers between your yard and the woods with wood chips, mulch or gravel. This can eliminate tall grass where ticks crawl. Remove wood piles and stones where mice, chipmunks and squirrels may hide.
  • Include your Pets in your Prevention – Using flea collars and tick prevention methods recommended by your veterinarian can help prevent your dog or cat from bringing ticks into your home for transference to your skin.

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