Preventing Dog Damage to your Lawn

If you are like most people, your dog is one of the family. S/he provides unconditional love, protection, comfort and constant companionship. You will do pretty much anything to keep your beloved pup happy and healthy. Unfortunately for many homeowners, having a pup means that their lawn has paid the price, from excessive digging, urine burns, or puppy poop! Is there a way to prevent dog damage without making your pooch unhappy?

With over 62% of American households having a dog or multiple dogs, these backyard scenes are probably not a shock for any of you, but let’s review anyway.


  • Brown Spots – If your pup is anything like ours s/he will urinate around trees, bushes, and the general perimeter of the yard to mark the territory as theirs. The brown spots associated with this bodily function are caused not by “acid” in the urine, but rather the high levels of nitrogen in canine urine. There are several methods to treat this including diluting the main areas where Fido goes to the bathroom with water from your hose, checking with a vet for adjustments to his/her diet, and planting grass that is more nitrogen resistant.  Fescue and ryegrass are the most resistant to nitrogen due to the genetic makeup of the roots.


  • Holes and Worn Areas – If your pup loves to dig, like so many of them do, you may want to cordon off an area of your yard for your dog to dig. This means each time you let your dog out you will need to train him/her that the designated area is theirs. Many homeowners also create a physical barrier so that pups can roam that area freely. In addition, if your lawn has worn areas you may end up spending many a weekend seeding and nurturing grass to grow in a high traffic area. You may want to create a pathway that is commonly used and cover with mulch or pavers so that you can stop the seed-water-patch cycle.


We all love our pups so as a last suggestion, be sure that the treatments you use are safe for your furry animal. If you have questions, call Pro-Tech Lawn Care at (603) 382-9644 or Toll Free: (800) 313-4733, or visit our website.


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