Preplanning your Spring Plantings

Last week, we explored Indoor Gardening in our blog. This week, we are looking at how you can get a jump on your lawn and garden by preplanning where and what you will grow when the season changes. Not only can planning your landscaping, plantings, lawn, and garden be good to boost your spirits this winter, but studies have shown that a manicured lawn can increase the value of your home by 20%! Here are some strategies to start planning your spring plantings.

Having a lawn that all the neighbors envy is not an easy thing to create and it doesn’t just happen overnight. For many, it is a labor of love that lasts from the moment the season starts to the first snowflake in the fall. We suggest making a master list of things that you will want to do to nurture your lawn and garden during the growing season. What might that list look like? …

  1. Schedule lawn treatments that will examine what your grass and soil need to recover from the winter and thrive all season long. This should include a soil test, lawn treatments, and methods to get your plantings going.
  2. Schedule an irrigation system check. If you have a built-in sprinkler system you will want to have it examined for any problems that may have occurred over the winter such as damaged heads or a system that was not shut down properly.
  3. Decide on a landscape design that is sustainable and right for your yard. Talk to a lawn care professional about the needs of your lawn. Are there shady areas that need less water or areas that are prone to erosion due to a slope? Are there plantings that are better in the direct sun or a grass option that is right for your region? Winter is a great time to talk this through and do your research.
  4. Choose Plantings! Once you have a grasp of what it will take to get your yard ready to go in the spring, the fun can begin. Use a gardening app online to plan out exactly where you are going to put your plants. Many apps allow you to input when approximately they will bloom and what colors you can expect and when. Have fun with it!

Preplanning your spring garden and lawn should be fun and can help take the “blah” out of winter. If you have questions, call Pro-Tech Lawn Care at (603) 382-9644 or Toll-Free: (800) 313-4733, and visit our website.


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