One of the Most Damaging Lawn Pests – Grubs

Does your grass turn brown in July or August? Or do you notice critters such as skunks, birds  and raccoons digging at your lawn at night? Or does your grass peel up easily when you tug on a corner? Yikes! Well all these signs point to one thing – grubs!

The Bad News – Grubs are among the most damaging of all lawn pests. Grubs are the larvae of a wide variety of scarab beetles, including Japanese beetles. They are plump, c-shaped, soft-bodied bugs that are feasting on the precious roots just below the soil surface. This constant feeding on the roots and other organic matter in the soil is what is causing your lawn to brown and eventually die. Unfortunately, unless homeowners do something to rid their lawn of these critters, the larvae will eventually turn into adult beetles and emerge from soil to mate and lay eggs, which hatch into more grubs. The cycle can go on and on.

Treatment – While a few grubs are deemed acceptable to most gardeners and lawn care experts, ten or more can begin to cause damage to your lawn. Therefore, treatment would then be advised. The younger the grub, the better the treatment will work so try to catch these pests early in the life cycle. For most species and locations,  July or August is the prime time to treat with an insecticide. While there are numerous grub control methods out there we at Pro-Tech Lawn Care suggest a professional treatment, especially if you have a serious grub problem, your neighbors do or you have a grub problem that is recurring. Call Pro-Tech Lawn Care to discuss our treatment for your grub problem.

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