Lawn Disease – Red Thread

Does your lawn not look as green and lush as you had hoped or have experienced in past growing seasons? Upon close inspection of your lawn, do you find small irregular patches of brown/yellowing grass? Possibly you see tiny red needles or pink fluffy mycelium. Are these small patches joining together to form large brown areas? You may have the lawn disease known as Red Thread.

Red Thread gets its name because from a distance the lawn casts a red or pinkish coloring. This disease is usually restricted to the leaves, leaf sheaths, and stems, but in severe cases may kill the entire plant. In the early stages of infection, symptoms appear as small blighted areas on leaves that enlarge rapidly to cover most of the leaf. Affected leaves dry out and fade to a bleached straw color. During moist weather, the leaves may become covered with the pink gelatinous growth of the causal fungi.

Conditions that favor Red Thread include:

  • Low levels of nitrogen
  • Temperatures between 68˚ and 75˚ (many notice this disease during May and June but it can be present throughout the entire growing season.
  • High humidity
  • Cool season grasses such as red fescue, ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, and bentgrass are most susceptible.

Treatment and control of this lawn disease includes: proper identification, cultural controls such as monitoring the adequate level of nitrogen in the lawn, and potentially chemical control with fungicide treatments. Pro-Tech Lawn Care can maintain your lawn and keep it healthy throughout the entire growing season no matter what lawn disease you are facing.


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