Gypsy Moths – Damage and Prevention

As we discussed in our last blog, Gypsy Moths are not only a nuisance but can be extremely damaging to foliage in our local and regional area. Thousands of acres of trees have been defoliated year-after-year causing permanent damage to them, in some cases killing off many. To add insult to injury, once Gypsy Moths have defoliated and weakened trees, secondary pests find it easier to invade thus compounding the problem.

Along with defoliating and damaging tree growth these caterpillars are a problem in a few other ways as well. For many in affected areas, the hairs on a Gypsy Moths body can cause an itchy rash, which is treatable with an over-the-counter anti-itch cream. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that this is what is giving them a rash. In addition, the dropping of these “constantly munching” insects can create not only a gross mess but also a slipping hazard around homes and businesses.

In order to prevent these insidious creatures from damaging the beautiful trees around properties, many homeowners are trying some fairly “do-it-yourself” techniques to prevent the outbreak. These include:

  • Keep trees and plantings healthy through regular maintenance, watering, pruning and mulching.
  • Contact a licensed arborists to spray chemicals on your trees and home to keep them at bay.
  • Use a power washer to clean off your siding and walkways of these pests.
  • Use burlap or other home techniques to keep the caterpillars from climbing up the trees.
  • Keep your yard as clean as possible. Remove discarded items, dead branches, stumps, etc., where the adult female moth is likely to lay egg masses. Destroy any egg masses that are found.
  • Consider Gypsy Moth traps.
  • Talk to the experts at Pro-Tech Lawn Care about what might be right for your home.

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