Fairy Rings

Folklore has it that if a ring of mushrooms or off colored grass, (a Fairy Ring), appears in your lawn that it is a sign of good fortune or that luck is in your favor. This piece of history was handed down through stories rich with fairies and leprechauns from Western Europe from centuries ago. While the stories of fairies dancing in circles and sitting on toadstool mushrooms may persist in our society today, the good feelings that come with discovering a Fairy Ring have faded. Most homeowners now recognize Fairy Rings for what they are – a lawn disease.

Fair Rings are indicative of a problem with a species of fungus that has developed under the grass, specifically in the soil. While many lawns have occasional mushrooms especially during a moist spell or especially humid time, mushrooms in a circle ranging from a few feet in diameter to more than 20 can be a sign that your lawn has a Fairy Ring. Fungus caused by decaying tree stumps or roots can be part of the cause for this particular lawn disease.

Homeowners usually first notice a circle of grass that is either browning or possibly darker green than the rest of the lawn. Mushrooms will also appear in a circle as a dead giveaway that a Fairy Ring is present. Once they have been identified, treatment is in order to stop the spread and bring the lawn back to a healthy state. Pro-Tech Lawn Care has a treatment program that may include fertilizing, core aeration, treatment or possibly removal of the turf if the fungus is difficult to treat. Call Pro-Tech Lawn Care today if you notice a Fairy Ring growing in your yard.

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