Choosing Grass for the New England Climate

New England is known for its changes of seasons.  Mild, wet springs lead to hot, dry summers, and then on to the burst of color in the crisp air of fall.  While all these changes are the hallmark of living in this beautiful region, choosing a grass that can survive in this  changeable climate is critical for the health and growth of your lawn.  Grasses that grow well in the northeast region include cool season grasses.   They tend to grow quickly in the spring and fall and go dormant during the winter months.  Here are some suggestions of grasses that do well in the ever-changing seasons of the northeast.

  • Kentucky Bluegrass – This grass thrives in sunny locations in your yard and tends to be hardy and long lived.  It grows quickly and vigorously.  It will go dormant in dry conditions or extreme heat.  It produces soft green to dark green blades and mixes well with Perennial Rye Grasses.
  • Perennial Rye Grasses – Like Kentucky Bluegrass, perennial rye grows quickly even in the northeast’s short growing season.  Perennial rye grass tolerates partial shade as long as it is watered and fertilized appropriately.
  • Fine Fescues – This type of grass provides the best option for shady lawns.  This type also tends to be be drought resistant.  Fine Fescues tend to be fairly delicate therefore should not be planted in an area with a lot of foot traffic.
  • Tall Rescues – This type of grass tends to be more hardy and drought resistant.  It is best to use a mixture of grass when using this grass to fill in bald spots.

Shaded, sunny, dry or wet – a lawn professional can help you decide on the best type of grass or grass mixture that will thrive in your New England yard.  Consult Pro-Tech Lawn Care for a free estimate and a consultation about the type of grass that would be best for your lawn and yard.

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