Choosing a Lawn Care Company

Last week we discussed reasons why choosing a lawn care company may be right for you and your family.  Now that you have made the decision to hand over the yard work, how do you choose the right lawn company.  How do you tell the amateurs from the professionals?  Here are some things to consider when searching for a professional to handle your precious yard.

  • Reputation – Do your homework!  Start by looking up the company on the internet.  With the dawn of Yelp and other business review sites you can gather all sorts of good information from, pricing, quality, and reliability just from a few keystrokes.  Once you have sorted out the shoddy lawn contractors from the more experienced ones you will want to do a quick ratings check with the Better Business Bureau. Outside of internet and BBB reviews ask your neighbors and friends who they recommend.  Word of mouth may help you lower your list down to some of the best companies.
  • Licensing and Insurance – If the company is licensed and insured you know that this is not just a side business but rather the company’s main source of work.  In addition, if a worker is injured on your property or a lawn mower throws a rock through your car window, you want to know that they are insured for damage and that you are not liable for injuries.
  • Customer Service – Does the lawn care company call you back or communicate effectively with you? Does the company give you a written quote? Are the employees polite and helpful with any questions you have? Does the company respond promptly to your concerns?  These are all questions to consider when choosing a lawn care company.
  • Equipment – While equipment varies for each job, does it seem to be well maintained? How often are blades sharpened? How often do they clean and maintain the engines or motors? Overall, how does the equipment rate- professional grade or common?

These are just a few things to consider when choosing a professional lawn company.  Remember that in every industry there are duds, but there are also companies that make it their mission to have good customer service and provide a great service for a reasonable price.

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