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Stinging Insects

Did you know that stinging insects send more than a half a million people to the emergency rooms across our nation annually? For many of us, stings from a bee, wasp or hornet are painful for a short while and may swell or cause itchiness for days to come. Sadly, acute reactions to insect stings are growing in numbers according to Massachusetts General Hospital. For some people who suffer a sting, there may be a large area of swelling and reaction. For others, a sting may be a life threatening event where the individual’s entire body reacts to the sting. If you suspect that you have been stung and are suffering a major reaction call 911 immediately. Before the stinging season kicks off in full swing, however, here are some steps you can take to protect yourself as well as prevent stinging insects from being attracted to your area.


  • Don’t walk barefoot in the grass. If you upset a nest or, worse yet, step on a nest you could be facing hundreds of angry insects.
  • Keep an eye out for stinging insects when gardening, mowing, or other outdoor activities.  For example, yellow jackets like to build nests underground, in the walls and cracks of buildings or in woodpiles.  Hornets can build nests in trees and shrubs, and paper wasps can live in circular combs under eaves, shrubs or woodpiles. Stay clear of nests and do not try to remove it yourself. Call the professionals at Pro-Tech Lawn Care who have years of experience removing and solving stinging pests from your property.
  • Avoid drinking from open containers outside since stinging insects can crawl inside of drink cans and other containers. Put a cap back on your soda, beer or drink from a covered container.
  • Keep lids on garbage cans and clean up drips from the grill.
  • Avoid wearing bright-colored clothing and perfumes as these may attract stinging insects.