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Protect your Pet from Pests

For those of us with pets, they are more than just faithful companions. They are truly members of our family. We worry about them and want only the best for their health. While this may show itself in the form of providing daily exercise or only the best foods, it may also mean protecting Fido or Fluffy from the pests that can be in your own yard. Here are a few tips to keep your pet from being bothered by pests this spring and summer.


  • Talk to Your Vet – One of the first things you will want to do as a pet owner is find out ways that you can medically protect your pet. Your vet can suggest several methods and types of tick and flea control. Deer ticks are especially dangerous for animals that live outdoors such as dogs, cats, rabbits and horses because they can transmit Lyme disease or “tick paralysis.”
  • Talk to Pro-Tech Lawn Care – Our expert technicians can recommend treatments for your yard to reduce pests that may bother you and/or your pet.
  • Avoid Tall Grasses and Thick Woods – While it is nice to take your pet out for a leisurely walk, avoid areas where pests can hide in tall grasses. After walks or playtime outside, inspect your pet thoroughly.
  • Be Vigilant about Grooming – Inspect your pet’s coat when you comb or bathe him/her. If you spot a pest, it is usually handled sooner-than-later. If your pet has long hair, consider having them groomed in the spring and summer, when ticks and fleas are most prevalent.
  • Clean – After walking your dog or when your cat comes in for the evening, be sure to vacuum common resting areas as they may have brought in insects or pests. In addition, wash your pet’s bedding, crate, toys, food bowls and sleeping areas on a regular basis.

If you suspect ticks or other pests are making your pet sick call Pro-Tech for a free estimate on treating your yard.