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Importance of Mulching in the Fall

Many homeowners consider mulching a spring chore, only to be completed to make the flower beds and plantings look nice. The flower beds and bushes just look complete and well-groomed when there is a fresh coating of mulch beneath. While mulching for aesthetics is one aspect of why homeowners should take part in this chore, it is not the whole story behind why mulching, even in the fall, is a smart idea. Here are some reasons why mulching in the fall is important to the health and vitality of your organic plantings.

  • Mulch is an excellent insulator. Just a few inches of organic matter over the ground around trees, bushes, and perennial plantings can keep the roots protected from the freezing temperatures known to hit our region every winter. Mulch insulates the soil, helping to provide a buffer from heat and cold temperatures. If you have tender growths or new bushes in your yard, this fall may be a good time to spread a layer of mulch to give an added level of protection for whatever Mother Nature may have in mind for us this winter.
  • Mulching around the bases of bushes, trees, and plantings also allows for retention of moisture and much needed water throughout the winter months. While snow also tends to do this, mulch provides warmth and protection, in addition to moisture retention. Keeping the roots moist is imperative to the plantings’ bouncing back next spring.
  • Mulch also helps with weeds. With a layer of mulch, weeds have difficulty growing, thus stopping the competition for growth with the roots. It is also helpful that homeowners do not need to weed as often during the growing season.
  • Compaction of soil is an issue in areas that are high or moderately high traffic areas. Mulch can help prevent some of that compaction which would require aeration and turning of the soil. In addition to compaction prevention, mulching stops damage from lawn mower or trimmer blades from reaching the base of plantings.

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