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Fall Mowing

Many of us have been faithfully mowing our lawn every weekend since the growing season began in April or so, depending upon your yard and location. So at this point, some of us might be thinking, “When can I stop mowing?” or “What should I be doing different with mowing in the fall?” These are both great questions that can help keep your lawn healthy even as we begin to “put it to bed for the winter.” Let’s take a closer look at what is involved in fall mowing and how soon we can call it quits until next spring.

Slowing Growth

You may have noticed that your grass is growing at a slower rate this fall. In fact, it may seem like you really don’t need to mow it every weekend to get it to its regular height. Instead of skipping a mowing, try changing the height of the blade so you continue to remove ⅓ of the height. This will maintain a good height as well as health of the blades of grass. Usually around the beginning of November, when the first hard frost hits our area, the grass will go dormant and you can really close down the mowing for the season.

Uneven Cut

Have you noticed that the grass is not cutting as evenly as it was earlier in the spring? This could be due to your blade becoming dull and tearing at the grass rather than cutting it smoothly. Or it could be due to a buildup of debris in the undercarriage if the mower. Shut off the mower and hose down the undercarriage to make sure built-up grass clippings are not causing the problem. If that isn’t it, you may want to take the blade in this winter for sharpening and schedule a tune up for the mower in general. Any local lawn care specialist or hardware store should be able to aid with this.


Fall is a time to take stock in what happened with your lawn this past growing season. Did you have pests, bald spots, or maybe wildlife digging at your lawn? Inspect your lawn during these last few mowing sessions and decide a course of action.

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