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Irrigation or Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips

Pro-Tech Lawn Care services provide spring start-ups, mid-season maintenance checks, and fall winterizing services for sprinkler or irrigation systems. While we won’t rush ourselves to winter just yet, we do want to discuss our spring and summer services in case you have yet to open your system or need some routine maintenance on your system. Here are our tips on maintaining your irrigation system or sprinkler system this year.


  • Spring – After a long cold winter you may notice that your lawn is going to need some TLC to get it back to the lush healthy look it had last year. Part of that process is opening your irrigation system. Spring is the perfect time to check your sprinkler system for peak summer performance. As part of our start up service we will check and prime the mainline, test controller operation, identify needed repairs or leaks, check operation of each zone and sprinkler head, and calibrate the rain sensor and run timer. In short, we will get your system up and running properly.


  • Summer – As spring turns to a hot, dry summer, your system may need adjustments or maintenance for any issues that could occur. Our maintenance visits may include: resetting the controller, checking for system leaks, cleaning out overgrowth around heads, ensuring rotors are turning properly, and/or leveling heads and diagnosing system repairs.


  • Winterization – We will be discussing winterization in more detail in a few short months when it’s time for blow outs and shutting down the system before the cold of winter sets in. This winterization is your best protection from freezing pipes or damage due to falling temperatures.


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Irrigation Systems: Startups, Blowouts and Repairs

Do you have an irrigation system and need to get prepared for the spring and summer watering seasons? The winter can be rough on sprinkler heads and equipment so think ahead with Pro-Tech Lawn Care’s irrigation readiness services. We can take care of your irrigation startups, repairs and blow outs before nice weather really arrives.

Startups – At the beginning of each warm season it is a smart idea for homeowners to have a professional take a look at their irrigation or sprinkler system. Technicians can make sure that everything is running properly and adjust the system so it will maximize water efficiency. A thorough inspection can ensure that you won’t have problems as the weather improves. Finding out about an irrigation problem in the dog days of summer could be disastrous!

Sprinkler System Blowouts – In addition to a spring startup, we offer a fall blow out to ready your system for the winter. In this process we drain the pipes inside the house connected to your sprinkler system and blow out all sprinkler zones outside in the yard. This ensures that no water is left in the system that could freeze and damage the system.
Repairs – It is not uncommon to have equipment such as sprinkler heads, valves and other equipment need repairs or adjustments both after a long winter of snow and freezing precipitation and right at the close of fall to ready the machinery for the winter.

Do you need to get your irrigation system in shape for the spring and summer? Call Pro-Tech Lawn Care for expert technical inspections, repairs, startups and blow outs.