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White Tailed Deer

Most homeowners think of the famed Disney character Bambi when they envision a white tailed deer. And who doesn’t love Bambi??? The majestic way that these beautiful creatures gallop or quietly feed in your yard can be quite breathtaking. Well, that is unless you are watching a herd of white tailed deer chew and destroy your garden or plantings that you worked so hard all spring and summer to nurture. With deer numbers  markedly increasing over the past few decades, it is no wonder many homeowners see deer as a nuisance.

Why Are Deer Becoming a Problem?

Humans have slowly eliminated the natural predators of the white tailed deer and suburbs have quickly encroached on formerly natural open areas, woods and farm fields. Both issues have compounded the problem for homeowners and farmers in our northeast region. Due to these two changes, deer have been estimated to damage hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of landscaping yearly and make your yard a minefield of scat. This should come as no surprise as deer can eat 6 to 10 pounds of food daily, tearing leaves from plants and bark from trees, leaving 2-inch long gouges, and weakening plants. Deer love tender new growth, but they’ll nibble on every branch within their reach, from the ground to 6 feet up.  

Deer may look graceful and serene and are many times scared easily by humans and our methods of scaring them away. Here are a few methods to try to “do-it-yourself” deer exclusion.  If you have a recurring deer problem you will want to call in the professionals at Pro-Tech to examine what is drawing the deer to your yard and how to exclude them from it.

  • If you do want to grow deer favorite food then keep those  plants close to the house.
  • Plant pungent perennials as a barrier.
  • Install fencing or tall bushes that make it difficult to enter your yard.
  • Thorny, prickly foliage tend to dissuade deer from eating in certain areas.
  • Make deer resistant substitutions for your favorite plantings.
  • Try scare tactics or homemade organic repellants.
  • In order to keep deer away from your yard and garden, it is important to choose plants that will not attract deer.  Here is a short list of some of the best and worst plants for avoiding deer problems:

    Attract deer problems:

    • Azaleas
    • Tulips
    • Pansies
    • Hybrid roses
    • Impatiens
    • Garden phlox
    • Daylilies
    • Fruit trees (apple, cherry, plum, peach, apricot)
    • Nuts (acorns, beechnuts, hickory nuts)
    • Mushrooms
    • Vegetables (beans, potatoes, corn, peas, alfalfa)
    • Grasses, ferns, and clover

    Avoid deer problems:

    • Daisies
    • Tiger lilies
    • Wisteria
    • Irises
    • Geraniums
    • Dahlias
    • Wormwood
    • Boxwood
    • Scented herbs (mint, lavender, oregano, thyme)