3 Common Lawn Care Mistakes – Spring Edition

Let’s face it, we all make mistakes. Caring for our lawns is one such area where mistakes are made. The spring is an especially vulnerable time for lawns as they are emerging from dormancy and trying to re-establish itself while battling spring weather, pests, and human traffic. Here are some common springtime lawn care mistakes that you will want to avoid this year.

  • Ignoring Pest Control – Many homeowners have a wait-and-see attitude about their lawns, especially in the spring. Unfortunately, those brown marks, mushrooms, or critters are not going away without assistance. Don’t be fooled into thinking your lawn will get better once the weather gets better. Take action as soon as you recognize a pest problem. Better yet, schedule regular lawn care checks to be proactive and prevent a pest problem.
  • Not Caring for Equipment – It has been a long winter and those tools and your lawn care equipment probably need some TLC. Don’t jump into trimming and mowing without having a check up performed on your gear. Blades on mowers should be sharpened and oil and spark plugs changed out regularly.
  • Not Testing the Soil – The spring is a great time for a soil check up. Find out the pH and soil needs before you start applying fertilizer, seeds, or even watering. You need to know a starting point and a soil test can help you do that. Grass thrives in soil with a pH of 6 to 6.5. Send a soil sample to your local extension service for testing and they’ll tell you what your soil needs to make your grass healthy.

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