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Think Now About Snow Removal

New England is an amazing place to live with the seasons changing every few months. The spring brings beautiful budding plants and trees, summers are warm and breezy, fall gives us a trees with leaves that put on a spectacular show . . . and then there are the dreaded winters. Ugh. Are you ready? Probably not, but now is the time to be thinking about snow removal. Yes, you heard us correctly. Snow removal should be arranged months in advance so that you secure a company that you trust and can rely on when the cold temperatures and precipitation arrive. New England has historically seen its first snow storms in November and Mother Nature is pretty fickle in waiting for snow until we are all ready.  Here are a few reasons why you should schedule your snow plowing soon!


  • Mother Nature can be brutal and she doesn’t keep to your personal time schedule. If the snow arrives in the middle of the night, snow removal can happen before you get going for the day! Hiring a company to take care of your snow removal needs means you no longer have to stay glued to the weather channel and fret all night long.
  • Professional snow removal takes away the fear an employee or a client slipping and falling on your property. Business owners don’t need the fear of an injury or, worse yet, a lawsuit if such an event happens.
  • Save your back and your time by having driveways, parking lots, and walkways cleared by professionals who make it their mission that your home or business is safe. Lifting snow can be strenuous and can take forever if you are doing it alone or have a large area to clear.


Call Pro-Tech for your commercial snow removal needs this winter at (603) 382-9644 or visit our website.


Do I need to Mulch in the Fall?

Most of us think about mulching as a spring activity that adds some fresh, organic matter to our colorful, blooming plantings and under our newly budding trees. In this way, mulch adds visual beauty to gardens, walkways, and driveways. But what about mulching in the fall? The answer to this is a resounding yes, and here is why…


  • Warmth and Protection – Mulch can help plants and trees better cope with cold weather. If you live in New England, you know how harsh the winter months can be on people, let alone all the trees, plants, and soil in your yard. Mulch can be thought of as blanket for your plants, shrubs, and ornamental trees. When applied around the base of trees, bushes, and plantings, mulch insulates the root system.
  • Controls Erosion – Mulching in the fall means that there is ground cover around your prized plantings and trees that will aid in stopping erosion once the spring showers begin in earnest. Winter wind and spring rain can mean unprotected soil that blows and washes away. Mulching can help!
  • Adds Nutrients and Organic Matter – Trees, shrubs, bushes, and plantings all need organic matter and nutrients to grow and be strong enough to stave off diseases and pests. Mulch can add those nutrients and organic matter so that your plantings stay healthy all winter.
  • It’s Cost Effective – Mulching can be a fairly cost effective way to save the plantings in your yard rather than having to replace them because the winter caused too much damage for them to rebound in the spring.


Call Pro-Tech Lawn Care at 603) 382-9644 or visit our website for all your lawn and garden needs this fall.

The Importance of Winterizing your Irrigation System

When it comes to lawn care and closing up shop for the winter, winterizing or doing a winter “blow out” of your sprinkler or irrigation system should be a top priority. Most irrigation systems are “out of sight”, but they should most definitely not be “out of mind” this fall. All systems should have a professional blow out, a manual drain, or an automatic drain job performed in order to ensure the system remains in good working condition come springtime. Here are a few of the reasons why winterizing your irrigation system is so important…


  • Freezing Temperatures Can Damage Irrigation Systems – We all learned in school that water expands as it freezes. This means that if an irrigation system has even a little water left in it, it could freeze and cause some serious damage to the entire system. Water left in the system could cause fittings, sprinklers, valves, pumps, pipes, and other parts of irrigation systems to burst and break.


  • Insurance and Warranty Issues – If a blow out or other winterization process is not performed correctly on your system, you may be voiding any warranty on your irrigation system, especially those that specifically require winterization for refund or possibly insurance coverage purposes.


  • Time and Money Savings – The cost of replacing or repairing an irrigation system that was not properly winterized is exorbitant compared to the price of a blow out. Most new irrigation systems cost around of five thousand dollars depending on the type and size of your yard. Add that to the hassle and time inconvenience of having to repair a burst valve, sprinkler or, worse yet, a flooded basement, then the choice is easy.


Call Pro-Tech Lawn Care if you have any questions regarding your lawn and preparation for the winter season at (603) 382-9644.

Fall Landscaping To-Do List

Are you ready for winter – the snow, the cold, the ice? Yeah, probably not, but there are some still some fall landscaping preparations that you should do before the weather gets too cold or the snow starts to fall. As the weather begins to take a turn for the worse, you will want to complete your annual fall clean up and shutdown of your lawn. Here is a quick guide to help you close up your yard for the season and put away all those lawn care tools that you used every weekend.


  • Clean it up – Now is the time to clean up all those leaves that have been falling! Make sure you get all of the leaves and debris off the lawn, even the pile behind the shed that you have been avoiding for the past year. Dead leaves and debris can smother the grass and cause brown spots that you will need to repair in the spring. Leaves also allow for disease and pests to thrive.
  • Plant – Put in those last bushes and shrubs that you have been putting off planting. The fall is a great time for this as the weather is usually ideal and gives the planting a chance to establish roots in the cool, moist soil.
  • Mow – Cut your grass one final time as you notice the growing beginning to slow down. Remember the last cut should only take off about a third of the height to make sure the blades can still absorb food.
  • Aerate – If your lawn looks compact in some areas and the grass is not growing well, this may be a good time to aerate your lawn. Aerating allows for nutrients and water to get down to the roots.
  • Fertilize – Grass roots still grow until the temperature reaches 40℉, so continue feeding the lawn until that time.
  • Store Equipment – Store all lawn equipment properly so that they do not rust or decay over the winter. This is a good time to have your mower and other lawn care equipment checked and blades sharpened.
  • Pest Patrol – Now is a good time to evaluate which pests damaged your lawn or garden and make a plan for next spring on how you will solve the issue.


Contact Pro-Tech Lawn Care at (603) 382-9644 if you have questions or issues with your lawn care this fall.


Putting the Garden to Bed

This time of year can be very bittersweet for all the “green thumbs” out there. It is a wonderful time of year due to the plentiful harvest and blooms that are the result of hard work and nurturing all season long. But there is also a bit of melancholy in that it is time to put the garden to bed for the winter and begin to close up shop until next spring. Here are a few steps that you should take to get your garden ready for the winter months.


  • Final Inspection – Inspect your garden area, whether it is a perennial garden or veggie garden, and check for pest problems, whether you had any during the growing season or not. If you find any evidence of a pest problem contact a lawn company such as Pro-Tech Lawn Care that can evaluate which pests may have been damaging your plantings and how to resolve the problem now or in the spring.


  • Clean Up – Pull all dead annuals that have had last blooms fade. Harvest all the above ground veggies and fruits. Leaving any out over the late fall and winter is an invitation to wildlife to seek out your property. Rake out overgrown areas so that pests and rodents do not have an area to nest. Disinfect and clean all gardening tools at this time instead of putting that off until spring. Rust and decay can happen over the winter if they are not cared for properly each fall. This is also a great time to get tools sharpened and repaired so they will be ready to roll once the warm weather of spring arrives.


  • Cut Back – Depending on the type of perennials and garden you have, now may be the time to cut back and neaten up your growing area.


  • Prep and Planting – Don’t forget about those bulbs and plantings that should be placed before the first frost. Prepare your planting beds now with compost and manure for planting in early spring.


  • Protect – Now is the time to protect tender plantings and bulbs by shielding them from the cold through either mulch covering or wrapping in burlap or plant protection products.


Believe it or not, spring will come faster than you think! Contact Pro-Tech Lawn Care at (603) 382-9644 if you have issues putting your garden to bed this fall.