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The First Mow of the Season

Feels like this time would never come right? This long cold winter had us all feeling like the warm spring weather would never get here. The first mowing of the lawn is a much anticipated event for so many homeowners just as a baby’s first haircut is for new parents. For those of us who “baby” our lawn, there are things you should do to have that first cut be a successful one. This is a brief checklist of how to prepare your mower for the first mowing of Spring.

  • Mower Blades – Make sure the blades of your mower are sharp and clean. If not the will dull blades will rip off the tops of the grass blades instead of giving them a clean cut.
  • Tune Up the Mower – Have a professional check out your mower and install new spark plugs. A tune up can also check that the motor is working well and will not break down in  mid season.
  • Use Fresh Gas – Hopefully at the end of last season you drained the gas from the tank or ran it until the gas was low. Gas that’s been left to sit over the winter can accumulate moisture that harms small engines. This is especially true for fuel containing ethanol. A fresh tank of gas is a good way to start the season.
  • Change the Oil – A fresh can of oil is also a good idea to start the mowing season off right. Be sure to check the mower instructions so that you are using the right type of oil.
  • Inspect the Lawn – It is always a good idea to check the lawn before you mow to be sure that branches, twigs or items are not in the way of the mow path. This is especially important after a long winter where frost heaves, sprinkler heads and other items can be in the way of the mower blade.
  • Rule of Thirds – Mow height tends to be a personal choice but most experts recommend not cutting off more than one third of the height at a time.

Spring Gardening Tips

Is it time to get out your trowels, gardening gloves and seeds? For those of you who are “green thumbs” you are probably excited to get started. For novices you may be wondering where and when to even begin? Here are a few spring gardening tips for the newbies who will one day be experts!

  • Clean it Up – Your garden area, if you already have a spot that needs to be cleaned out from debris, branches, leaves and other organic matter that will get in the way of growing seedlings. Rake up everything you can as well as take out any visible rocks.
  • Revitalize the Soil – It is always a good idea to give the soil some TLC this time of year including: turning it, having it tested, adding nutrients via compost or other methods and adding moisture. We also recommend having the soil tested.
  • Plant and Bush Pruning – If you already have mature planting or bushes near your garden, you will want to prune excess growth. Be sure to study up on what you are pruning so you do not inadvertently cut off blooms or trim to short!
  • Fencing and Pest Control – As a gardener, nothing is worse than planting and nurturing all season only to have pests or wildlife ruin your garden. Take steps now to fence in the area. In addition carefully watch and treat for pests.
  • Plan the Garden – Planning the garden is half the fun of having a garden. Decide on what you are going to grow and find out when you can plant each item. You may want to consider starting some plants indoors before transplanting them to the outdoors. Be sure to consider where the sun is during the day and what items need the most sun and water.


Spring Lawn Checklist

Finally we are moving into the warm weather! That means outdoor activities and the start of the yard maintenance season. Do you have everything you need to have the lawn and garden that you hope for this year? Here is a checklist of items to look for as the spring growing season begins.

Lawn – How does it look after the winter?  Are there areas that need to be re-seeded or are there large areas that would benefit from hydroseeding? Are there damaged areas due to salt or compaction due to snow? Should you consider aeration to loosen the soil and allow for needed nutrients to get to the roots.

  • Shrubs and Trees – Look for damage to branches due to heavy snow or frigid temperatures.  In addition look for pest damage that may need to be treated this spring. Add to the list of “Things to Do” any trees or shrubs that need to be trimmed or pruned.
  • Pest Activity – thoroughly inspect your yard including the grass, garden and plant growth for any signs of pests. Start early with pest control to attain a healthy lawn.
  • Irrigation and Water Issues – Check all sprinkler heads and components to the irrigation system to be sure there are no worn, broken or bent valves or heads. In addition look for areas of the lawn that may be puddling or excessive moisture.
  • Garden Area – Look to see if any garden fencing needs repairing and send a soil sample out for testing.

If you need assistance with aeration, hydroseeding, pests control and other lawn issues call Pro-Tech Lawn Care today.

Irrigation Systems: Startups, Blowouts and Repairs

Do you have an irrigation system and need to get prepared for the spring and summer watering seasons? The winter can be rough on sprinkler heads and equipment so think ahead with Pro-Tech Lawn Care’s irrigation readiness services. We can take care of your irrigation startups, repairs and blow outs before nice weather really arrives.

Startups – At the beginning of each warm season it is a smart idea for homeowners to have a professional take a look at their irrigation or sprinkler system. Technicians can make sure that everything is running properly and adjust the system so it will maximize water efficiency. A thorough inspection can ensure that you won’t have problems as the weather improves. Finding out about an irrigation problem in the dog days of summer could be disastrous!

Sprinkler System Blowouts – In addition to a spring startup, we offer a fall blow out to ready your system for the winter. In this process we drain the pipes inside the house connected to your sprinkler system and blow out all sprinkler zones outside in the yard. This ensures that no water is left in the system that could freeze and damage the system.
Repairs – It is not uncommon to have equipment such as sprinkler heads, valves and other equipment need repairs or adjustments both after a long winter of snow and freezing precipitation and right at the close of fall to ready the machinery for the winter.

Do you need to get your irrigation system in shape for the spring and summer? Call Pro-Tech Lawn Care for expert technical inspections, repairs, startups and blow outs.




Are you jealous of your neighbor’s lush, green lawn? Do you have bare spots, diseased areas or burnt patches? It is pretty common to feel like the “grass is always greener” when you are struggling with pests, irrigation or seeding issues of your own. Pro-Tech Lawn Care offers hydroseeding to get you started on the right path this spring and maybe reverse that feeling of grass envy!

Hydroseeding is a planting process that uses a slurry of seed and mulch. It is also called hydraulic mulch seeding, hydroseeding, or hydromulching. This method is becoming a popular option for planting lawns for both homeowners and those in charge of landscaping because it is effective and easy to apply.

The process of hydroseeding is fairly straightforward when done by professionals like our technicians at Pro-Tech Lawn Care. We prep the lawn, checking for disease and pests and then spray a special mixture onto an area of land that you want to plant on. When sprayed onto the ground, the mulch in the mixture forms a moist protective coating for the seeds, allowing them to germinate. This process is great for uneven areas, patchy growth, sloped lawns, and nutrient deprived soil. The growth is fast due to the nutrient boost given by the degrading mulch. Many homeowners see the first shoots in a week and can mow their lawn for the first time in less than a month. If you are interested in hydroseeding call Pro-Tech Lawn Care today at 603-382-9644.